Nap Day

At the children's sermon today: "Why do you think we make a bigger deal about Mother's Day than Father's Day?" My son: "I think Dads just want to take a nap!"

She looks with her eyes

My daughter says that one of her classmates looks British. Not sure what that means?

Cleaning Exercises

Today as a reward for cleaning the toy room, the kids were allowed to do 100 pushups.

Nope. Not weird at all.

Dad to Mom: Don't let me forget I have broccoli in my pocket.

Not that word

I really need to remember that when my kids report that someone says bad words (in this case the F word) at school, they have a different view of what that word actually is. Imagine my relief when I was told someone said the word "fart".

Salvation Navy

I was talking about dropping off some toys to donate, and my daughter said "You mean to Old Navy?" Salvation Army, close enough!

Potato Ears

At dinner tonight my son had mashed potatoes on his ear.